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Deep into the 21st Century, Flowmaster® has continued to embrace new technologies in the automotive world, while continuing to deliver outstanding sound and performance benefits to all types of vehicles from both their legendary chambered mufflers as well as their laminar flow designs. From their state-of-the-art Research and Development Center, new products and applications are regularly introduced, from mufflers to high flow catalytic converters, high-performance headers, cold air intake systems, tuners and a full line of carefully engineered bolt-on exhaust systems. As always, all Flowmaster® mufflers and exhaust systems are developed and manufactured only in the USA.

Applications for Flowmaster® technology range from modern sub-compact cars to turbo-diesel trucks, as well as almost every racing class and category from vintage classes to the most modern small-displacement, turbocharged applications. Flowmaster® has the ideal exhaust and performance solutions for you.

As automotive technology continues to advance, Flowmaster® commitment to developing the newest and best performance products is stronger than ever. For whatever you drive now and in the future, Flowmaster® will have the most advanced performance products available.